Impaired Risk

Let’s face it, not everyone is in perfect health and insurance companies view impairments differently. Knowing what company has an appetite for a certain risk may be our biggest asset for you and your clients. Whether it is finding out where a life insurance case should go, or finding the highest possible occupation class for disability insurance, your client will always get the best class available with Northeast Brokerage on your side.



Impairment Questionnaires

4506T Requirements

Automated Underwriting Programs

Aviation Guidelines

Avocation Exclusion Guidelines

Bankruptcy Guidelines

Blood Pressure Guidelines

Personal Cancer History Guidelines

Carrier Reinsurance and Retention

Cholesterol Guidelines

Driving History Guidelines

Family History Guidelines

Foreign National Guidelines

Income Replacement Guidelines

Inspection Report Guidelines

Life Settlement History

Marijuana Usage Guidelines

NT Pro BNP Testing Guidelines

Older Age Rate Class Limits

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