New Business Tools

The links below will help get your business from the quoting process to placed in force faster.

Pre-Assessment Tools

Specific carrier guidelines on various topics such as driving history and bankruptcy history can be found here.

Impairment Questionnaires

If your client has a specific impairment such as sleep apnea or a heart murmur, you can find a questionnaire associated with that impairment. Have the client fill out the questionnaire to the best of their ability and we can get started seeing which carrier will be the best match.


After you have done a prescreen with your client, you can put their health specifics into this system which will give you a better idea of which carrier and risk class they may qualify for.

Carrier Field UW Guides

Carrier’s specific underwriting guidelines are attached.

Guidelines & Requirements

Is an EKG required for my client? It depends on the carrier, product, face amount and age of client. Powered by iPipeline, this section lays out carrier specific product features, underwriting guidelines, build charts and underwriting requirements can be found here. Check it out!